Charter Or Agreement

The agreement is concluded in accordance with the Charter, but may be amended during the charter period, subject to the agreement of the Secretary of State and the BBC. 3.3 All ground and operating personnel, including cabin crew, are entitled to receive orders only from the Carrier, unless a specific written agreement has been obtained in advance by the Carrier, under which certain defined instructions may be accepted by such personnel by the Charterer. Chartering is an activity within the maritime sector where a shipowner leases the use of his vessel to a charterer. The contract between the parties is called “charter party” (extract from the French “charte partie” or “document parted”). The three main types of charter are: charter, travel charter and time charter. Time Charter Equivalent is a standard performance level for the marine industry that is primarily used to compare periodic changes in a shipping company`s performance despite changes in the mix of charter types. Please clarify this point for me that comes first, the project charter or the project contract, since according to PMBOK and Rita Buch, the agreements including the contract are included in the project charter process entries, so we can say that the treaty, as you said, continues the Charter, How comes and there is a general right of scrutiny that says that there is no project before the chartering of project and that is the document, the existence of the project. If the contract was signed before the project charter was drawn up, it is legally in place. This really does not address why the Charter is necessary for an external client project or the value it offers.