Colne Housing Tenancy Agreement

Please note that dogs are not allowed in apartments, duplexes or accommodation for the elderly unless the accommodation is located on the ground floor and there is direct access to a garden. This is done for animal welfare reasons, in order to be able to train the dog, manage pollution and ensure that barking does not cause any problems for neighbors. You have the right to sell your property, although some developments have limits on how much you can ask for and who you can sell to. If in doubt, please contact We welcome any questions, comments or questions you have regarding this Privacy Policy. Please contact Colne Housing, Block G, Parkside, Knowledge Gateway, Nesfield Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 3ZL in writing or by email at Colne is transparent about how we fulfill our obligations to tenants under the terms of their lease. Our goal is to offer a good level of service in terms of management and maintenance of their homes. This booking is intended to help you understand your lease. It explains your rights and duties in your home. If you would like to discuss your rent or have difficulty meeting your rents, please contact us by email or call 01206 244700.

If you ask us for details about your account over the phone, we will ask you a few questions to verify your identity. Colne is there to offer houses for apartments during the application process. Please also note that we will not verify your suitability until you have ticked off the declaration. Declaration I have inspected the property I want to move into and I am ready to accept it in its current state. I understand that we cannot move until we have the written consent of our current owners. I read and understood the prospectus of the house exchange. If you are a tenant, you must both agree to move. You must sign an agreement before an exchange can take place. I have read the above statement and I understand it. I confirm that I have obtained the agreement of the customers with whom I wish to exchange and that I have obtained permission to indicate their personal data, including their e-mail addresses..

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