Sight Agreement

Nevertheless, you can reduce your risk with credits. Banks release money as long as they receive the documents listed in the credit in good time and in good condition. The purpose of the agreement is the partial and non-exclusive assignment of rights to content originated by WindowSight, to content created by the artist and owned by the artist, previously controlled by WindowSight and accepted on the platform. This is different from sight exchanges, which depend on the filing of documents to conclude the transaction. While there is directly for the completion of the transfer of funds, it may be delayed, while the documentation for the deposit is collected. The agreement is automatically renewed gradually for a period of one year. Any party may decide at any time not to renew or terminate the contract. In such cases, WindowSight is given at least two weeks to proceed with the deletion of the artist`s account and content. This is a summary of the agreement that underpins the business relationship between the artist and WindowSight. It does not contain all the specifications.

Its purpose is to give the artist a more accurate overview of the clauses of the official agreement.