Why Prenuptial Agreements Are A Good Idea

It is possible to write your own prenup, but it is a good idea to hire a professional lawyer who is familiar with your state`s divorce laws to ensure that the agreement contains the language necessary to make them enforceable. Are marital agreements still recognized by the courts? In short, marital arrangements are often useful for people entering another marriage after divorce or the death of a spouse. Marital agreements in these situations can help prevent any friction between the couple about the property you have worked hard with your previous spouse, and that you may feel that the new spouse should not argue or share any interest. Similarly, marital arrangements help married couples protect their children`s inheritance from the “bad step-parent.” Marital agreements can also be useful for people with exceptional financial means, in order to protect them from “goldsmiths”. For the rest, I think marital agreements are starting to get married on the wrong foot. A prenup is a contract made before marriage. The content of a marriage pact can vary considerably, but it generally contains provisions relating to spos assistance and the division of property in the event of divorce. This type of agreement works well, whether it`s your first or fifth marriage. And it`s not just for the rich and celebrities. Everyone has something that deserves to be protected. Prenupes provide guidance on what happens to property, debt, estates and future income.

Although there are ways to keep assets separate, without marital arrangements, marital water can become really muddy, really fast. And while a couple preparing to walk down the hall has no intention of getting divorced one day, statistics tell us that it`s reality that counts. Studies have shown that discussing these issues and dealing with them before marriage is the best way to protect you and your future spouse from disappointments and struggles if marriage doesn`t work later. So it`s always a good idea for a third party to pass on this discussion between you and your partner. If you have a financial planner with the skills to do it for you, they can help you prepare a document that could go to your lawyer, which describes your assets to the exclusion. This should be a long way to give you and your partner the transparency you need to make your future marriage a long and happy marriage. If you are getting married or remarrying in the near future, you should consider a marriage pact. Money and communication are usually two of the top three reasons why people get divorced. While it is important to protect every spouse, the best reason to enter into a marital/pre-marital agreement is to promote sound communication about your finances from the beginning, in order to avoid that by a divorce at the end.

No one expects their marriage to fail, so it can be unpleasant to talk about a marriage agreement, and there is a perception that this is a harbinger of divorce. I know the following thought comes from Jewish philosophy, but when I wrote this, I couldn`t find the connection, so I apologize, but I always want to share with you, because that`s the value of marriage and why, in most cases (you`ll find that I didn`t say “in all cases” – there are times when the marriage agreement makes sense: marriage is a permanent obligation to offer your spouse permanent emotional intimacy, and thus to discover your true self and, ultimately, your unique purpose.