Adobe Software License Agreement Won`t Accept

I hope an employee will come and see what is going on. I`ll toast this thread every time I have to accept this license agreement so they see how bad it is. I only do this on Windows 7 x64. Today, the Creative Cloud Manager has been updated. I signed up, but for some strange reason, it logs me out without logging out or restarting on my part. I know this because the cloud icon is hidden in the taskbar and adobe ID and password are requested by clicking on it. If you unsubscribe from the CC application, the software is disconnected. It seems that Alex is right. I removed the bProtectedMode registry entry from HKLMSoftwarePoliciesadobe10.0featureLockdown and was able to open all the files without the message. However, I`m not 100% sure what this is going to do with other PDF files, as we originally disabled it to open some files. So far, this user was okay with Protected Mode ENABLED, but a recent test prevented me from opening a b/c web pdf on my PC at my desktop.

Now that I`ve switched to FoxIt, I guess I`m not going to go back to Adobe in my own network, but it will help the others I`m working on, who haven`t made the change. Note: This does not apply to Mac CC or Windows/Mac perpetual licenses. I just wanted to give us one last update. Adobe had to find someone to get into the back-end of our accounts and do something (they wouldn`t say what), and now it works for the two designers who lost two days of work because of this Adobe Cloud error. If it can help Our case number is 185638354 3) Navigate to the following location / Library / application support / adobe and Delete Slstore and slcache. But it turns out that this error message is false. First of all, the license has been accepted, and this does not even happen to every PDF. It`s great. I had installed a new motherboard on my laptop and had to reactivate a lot of software. The CC app has been updated and I noticed that it has logged out. At least the admin trick worked. It is still registered.

Edit: Not only that, but I launched Acrobat to read a PDF adter that re-licenses Dreamweaver, and I was asked to accept the effing license again. Enabling Protected Mode is a new feature in Reader X that allows a “Sandbox” security level in Reader. That`s what you can read here: thank you! I`m not sure if it`s been solved or not. Now all my apps are in test mode! And the one I disabled doesn`t allow me to navigate beyond “Enter a serial number” that I don`t have because it`s the Creative Cloud membership. Any advice? As you have already mentioned, you will receive the EULA screen several times after launching an Adobe CC application, just to confirm on this screen that you will simply be prompted to “accept” the license and conditions, and then it will be harvested, if so, then try the troubleshooting indicated here: the software license agreement will be displayed again after clicking Accept. I wonder how Adobe will ensure that the software is usable if no network connection is available. Adobe says it should run for 30 days without an internet connection, but as if each unsubscription results in a new license of the software. It worked for me! I had to unsubscribe, which means I`ll accept a ton of additional licenses in the future, but I reopened Pr, Ae, and Au several times and had to accept only once! Thank you very much for your help! With v10.1x, PDFs have a problem that works with DFS shares – invitation to open PDF file in protected view, etc. . . .