A lengthy, but meaty episode. Music news including Chvrches, Animal Collective, Neil Young, Pharrell and why Miguel sounds somewhat like Smashing Pumpkins. We dive into the new season of True Detective and the mesmerizing soundtrack by Lara Lynn. We play two brand new recommendations, and manage to review both The Chemical Brothers and Tame Impala.

We end with a segment dedicated to unreleased tracks and treat you guys to a few hidden and unreleased gems, including unreleased music from Justice, Prodigy and UNKLE, among others.

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Correction: The Prodigy segment includes a few incorrect statements, including what was released and when.

Track list

Due to us playing unreleased studio material, we’re keeping this episode’s track names to ourselves. However, in the recommendation section Louise plays PARA ONE & The South African Youth Choir – Elevation, and Staffan plays 3D’s remix of Noel Gallagher’s The Right Stuff.

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  • UN says:

    Regarding The Prodigy featuring 3D from Massive Attack song titled No Souvenirs:
    Its not prior The Fat Of The Land, which was released in 1997;
    The Prodigy fourth record (not second as you mention) is called Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned;
    The song wasnt listen on the tracklist of the soundtrack of “The Beach”, just rumoured as Danny Boyle contacted the band, but they declined. http://www.nme.com/news/the-prodigy/7088 ;
    That snipped you played from it is fake;
    The Unkle remix, only leaked in 2009 (which doesnt match up to what your stating);
    The Prodigy and Unkle didnt collaborate in the track “No Pain No Gain. That track featured Keith Flint of The Prodigy. The track was featured on a Levis ad. Heres a couple articles of Mixmag about it https://m2.behance.net/rendition/pm/6115151/disp/c41f03f6dfec03fe623c0bff40a6586c.jpg and https://m2.behance.net/rendition/pm/6115151/hd/d2677753261b881680791a15a29cf524.jpg

    • The Only says:

      I made a lot of embarrassing mistakes during the Prodigy segment. Having worked with UNKLE I came from their perspective (the Mixmag interview isn’t really, uhm, the complete truth either) and didn’t prepare anything in regards to Prodigy and their discography. Thanks for correcting me, and I’ll make sure to be better prepared when it comes to Prodigy next time.


  • Ayam says:

    What a shame that Mapei and Justice project didn’t work out. Hearing from that track from what I can conclude is that Justice is being themselves. If you’re looking for R&B and downbeat music they’re not the one you should work with in the first place. Thanks for that snippet though, really made my day

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