Our Top 10 most embarrassing guilty pleasures, the songs we listen to when no one is watching. Or listening.


We’re baring our souls! And we also manage to discuss who we would like to take out to dinner, and possibly share the night with. It turns out Louise choice is slipping her a roofie. Staffan’s date is just hot and stupid.

We won’t share our Top 10 lists here, because it’s too embarrassing to print – You’ll simply have to stick with us and listen all the way through. But we want your guilty pleasure list! Email us, and don’t forget to include that one person you want to… Well, you’ll know when you’ve listened to the whole episode (there’s an extra added on bit as well). Follow us on Twitter or keep us on Spotify.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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  • Eve says:

    Stay ineovmatirf, San Diego, yeah boy!

  • Gabby says:

    votul oamenilor din Apuseni nu e o &#fc80;8a2aturaࢭ, este pozitia lor exprimata oficial in legatura cu pornirea mineritului. autoritatile ii ignora de ani de zile, ar fi cazul sa nu o mai faca! in rest, campania electorala este permisa, nu stiam ca este si obligatorie pentru toate partile.

  • Margie says:

    Geferson / Importante acrescentar:- Gravidez indesejada.- Crianças abandonadas.- Crimes sexuais- Assédios sexuais.- Controle populacional para um planeta já saturado.- Menos pedófilos.- Menos explorações no “comércio do seGe2#8&21;xostoi deste comentário ou não: 16

  • Rosa says:

    Ah, Dear Es83tr&#e2h0; I’m still on the fence about whether to buy it now or wait for the sale. I know it’ll be excellent – I played the original mod (and also their lesser-known Korsakovia) and loved it – but I’m also incredibly cheap.

  • Constance says:

    Imagina quando eu coloquei o tapa olho e a agonia que eu fiquei. Sério, não foi fácil porque eu também ficaria muito agoniada só lendo o que eu escrevi. O carro acabou sobrevivendo, Ana, de uma forma que nem eu sei como. Ele deve voltar até o final da semana!As tagrtauruinhas são lindas, não? Queria poder cuidar de todas. 🙁

  • Maverick says:

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  • Caden says:

    Caro NogueiraEu refiro no texto que o PAIGC, nos anos em apreço (71-74), via-se mais a tokarev, mas também digo que usavam as CZ checas, embora eu nunca tenha visto nenhuma na guerra.Um ab§ÃLroÃua­s Dias

  • Latasha says:

    sÃ¥ herlig med sol 🙂 det fekk ikkje me pÃ¥ det glade vestland oppleve i dag, men jammen blei dagen kjekk for store og smÃ¥ for det!ha ein fortsatt fin kveld, fine bilder du deeVh.renrietteli har gavedryss med fine tinek premier pÃ¥ gang, og det kommer mer. Kom og bli med 🙂

  • Molly says:

    So my question is//// why can’t this be made into a device that is glued/stuck on the actual crank arm on both side for true meteursmena? cant the device be made longer and thinner to accommodate for the electronics in it so it could be taped onto your existing crank arms. I don’t want to sell or take off my Campy carbon crank just to add a different crank system. I might as well buy a quark then. Looks like this has potential.

  • Kassie says:

    No one’s assuming that gamer culture provided that at8stphere&#m211;io’s fact.Shit like this happens all the time, if you aren’t aware of it, that’s your own willful self-deception.

  • Lilly says:

    euhhhh, violence physique, drogues et alcool à l'excès… des choses extrêmes en fait vu que je suis assez conciliante de nature. Sinon, en général, c'est moi qui m'énerve et dis des choses méchantes, et mon homme sort se calmer à l&#it;ex9ér3eur pendant 2-3 heures, puis, nous avons une discussion dans le calme sur ce qui ne va pas (avec beaucoup de larmes de mon côté). Pour le reste, je pense que tu as déjà eu plus de détails dans nos conversations.

  • Kayleen says:

    Dank je wel voor je berichtje op mijn blogEn leuk dat je volger geworden bent..Òw wat heerlijk dat je zo fris en fruitig je bedje uit kunt stappen.. Pff mij lukt dat namelijk niet.. En ik ga morgen ook naar het kerkje van berkhoutIk woon daar vlak bij. Tís voor mij de eerste keer maar ik heb al zoveel leuke reacties gehoord,, Nou veel plezier morgen en wie weet lopen we elkaar wel tegen het liLfe.ji.ve gr INge

  • China says:

    about it but what was true? I walked towards it, eyes trnaifsxed on the bleak castle. The trees so close together piercing me in the skin. Gingerly I crept up the cobble stone path. I had to find out the truth about this castle. Now I was in front of the castle I felt like as if my life was on the line. Those were my last thoughts!

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