Hot Garbage©

We run through a bunch of music news including Beach House, sort-of-surprise, album. Rihanna, Kurt Cobain, Ryan Adams, Will Smith – All famous people, and all of them get to be mentioned. Staffan introduce a new segment, Hot Garbage, which Louise isn’t too fond of. He also plays music from Ace of Base and Aqua, for reasons which will become apparent. Meanwhile, Louise talks about the ongoing hype surrounding Riot Grrrl and the new form of feminist punk. We end up with a listeners emails, which entails three songs to both bring her down and lift her up

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Artist featured

  • Queens of the Stone Age, mash-up with Adele’s Bond Theme (unofficial)
  • Bloc Party
  • Kelela
  • Equal feat. Seja
  • Dolores Haze
  • Soulsavers
  • Skinny Girl Diet
  • Todd Lundgren

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