Since we’re switching schedules, this week’s episode arrives early! We’re talking new music from The Chemical Brothers, DIIV, Lana Del Rey, HEALTH and David Bowie actually appreciating Metallica’s and Lou Reed’s Lulu album. Did you remember that album? No? You should be thankful. We then move on to discuss a long lost forgotten album by Bob Lind and Louise plays new music from Crazy P and Sweden’s upcoming act Tarantula Waltz. Staffan also manage to bash on both Mew and Blur. We end the podcast discussing women in the music industry. Cramming in our opinions on such a broad subject within 20 minutes isn’t easy, and one might say impossible. But we are also the only music podcast.

Once again we had some microphone issues, especially in the latter half of the podcast. Makes you want to question if Staffan ever did or does work as a music producer.

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Tracks played

  • The Chemical Brothers – Sometimes I feel so deserted (Edit)
  • HEALTH – New Coke
  • Blur – Ice Cream Man
  • Lana Del Rey – Life is Beautiful
  • Mew – Am I Wry? No
  • Tarantula Waltz – Lynx
  • Crazy P – Like A Fool
  • Bob Lind – Theme From The Music Box / City Scenes
  • Robyn – In My Eyes
  • … And maybe a bonus track at the end of the podcast as well.