The very first episode of The Only Music Podcast. We discuss the upcoming Kanye West, Blur, Gorillaz and Metallica albums. We delve into what we’ve been listening to, with some indie, hiphop and electronica recommendations. We also quickly give our thoughts on the Sufjan Stevens and Modest Mouse records. We end with a discussion about the use and impact of music videos.

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  • Kal Ström says:

    You really need a proper list with which albums & tracks been played/discussed in the episode.

    Great listen!

    Beside the boring Alabama Shakes diss. Who cares about who heard what first?

  • nika says:

    well this was nice! i must say i love your accents 😉 beside the music recommendations i would also like to hear more of that music industry insights.

    anyway, thanks for doing this. and yes keep going! x

  • Delirium says:

    I really enjoyed this, two very knowledgeable people talking about music. I LOVED the Tula shoutout, especially.

    Great job!

  • Jeff says:

    I hope Alabama Shakes is alright, they’re the headliner for a show I’m attending in May. I feel like I’m going for “..and special guests” (Father John Misty)

    Also agreeing that a total listing would be great if you could make one,
    but.. just glad to have another thing to listen to 🙂

  • Hey guys! I’m from Brasil [sorry my poor english] and you are my very first podcast that i listened in english! Your opinions are great and relevant, and you speak clearly [i don’t get too much trouble to understand]. Oh, and i liked to know about spotify and stuff, i always wanted to know more about this.

    I have some suggestions/ideas:
    * Make a list of every album/artist/song that you talked on the podcast, because for the people that listen on the phone [i use Podcast Addict, for example] is very hard do make a note when you are on a bus or car. If you put a list, it will be very easy to come here and search the recommendations
    * There is some podcasts here in Brasil that put on the page the minutes of every topic, like ‘5 – news, 16 – Metallica’s new album’, etc. I don’t know if it will work here, it’s just a idea. It’s useful when i don’t wanna listen about the new album from Gaga [just a example], i can just jump to the next topic without lose the rest of the episode
    * You can make a sections in the podcast, like start with the news of the week, then after speak about a specific topic, then speak about what album are you listening and the e-mail/comment section in the end [by the way you will have a e-mail/comment section?].

    Keep doing this! I liked very much the episode and i see a serious potetial here 🙂

    • Bruno says:

      Brasil, tamo junto! hahaha mesmo nome também! Aqui umas dicas de podcasts em inglês pra ti, se já entende legal: Radiolab, Ear Biscuits, Reply All.

  • Amanda Robinson says:

    Nice job guys! You’ll all very knowledgeable. I too liked your accents x).

  • B. Curtis says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

    I`m relieved to have found a great music podcast, simply adore your artistic style. I look forward to further recommendations and discussion.

    Please listen to all the great feedback by Bruno Leonardo, I`d second everything he mentioned.

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